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Big Dig at the Flying Bull Inn, Rake. Summer 2015. (Photo: Arthur Mills)
Big Dig at the Flying Bull Inn, Rake. Summer 2015. (Photo: Arthur Mills)

Liss Archaeology’s objective is to investigate the archaeological heritage of the local area. They also want to encourage and involve local people to learn about their local history by having hands on experience of various aspects of archaeology. We produce reports on our excavations and on the other activities of the group

There are at least two digs a year on a Romano-British site about 5 miles north of Petersfield, where onsite training in many aspects of archaeology is available. Here a few small groups from local junior schools are invited to experience half a day onsite doing archaeology related activities.

There is also a community village test pit dig or pub test pit dig during the summer to give local people a chance to have a go at archaeology; this includes digging, geophysics and finds processing.

Liss Archaeology arranges geophysical surveys and field walking when opportunities arise and there are also ad hoc sessions of finds processing and identification, occasional talks and visits to places of archaeological interest.

Anyone over the age of 16 is welcome to become a member, no experience is necessary.

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Membership Secretary
[email protected]
51 Lealand Rd
Portsmouth PO16 1LZ
02392 783465

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