Peterborough Archaeology

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Peterborough and its surrounding area has been an important centre for settlement, industry and trade for many thousands of years.

Under the “Peterborough Archaeology” banner the local amateur archaeology group, FRAG, provides a focal point for all things archaeological in the area.

The group runs a programme of lectures, visits, and workshops, and provides training on a variety of topics such as test-pitting, metal detecting and geophysical techniques.

Members have been able to participate in local excavations including that of a large Roman Villa at Itter Crescent in the northern part of Peterborough.

Must Farm and Flag Fen are unique in the insights they provide into Bronze Age life and beliefs 3,000 years ago. The Roman town of Durobrivae, the Praetorium at Castor and the industrial suburbs producing pottery and iron played a key role in the Roman economy. A cluster of major monastic institutions came to dominate life in the area from early Christian times through the Medieval period.

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