Wilmslow Community Archaeology

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Wilmslow-Community-ArchaeolA small group founded in 2006, Wilmslow Community Archaeology are currently engaged on a study of the multi-period parish church, St Bartholomew,  and a churchyard survey.  Their aim is to gain an understanding of the parish of Wilmslow by pairing  the known historical records with findings from the archaeological methods used in their fieldwork.

The group organise fieldwork, research days and events throughout the year including lectures and guided tours.

Members  consist of a mixture qualified historians and archaeologists  but also those with their own research interests. Newcomers are welcome to take part in existing projects or develop their own directions.

Membership is open to all aged 16 and over and costs £5 per person per year. No experience of any kind is necessary to join.

Contact Details
Tel:  01625 526915
Email:  [email protected]
Web:  www.mancent.org.uk


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