Winchelsea Archaeological Society

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Winchelsea-arch_society-logThe Winchelsea Archaeological Society (WAS) was founded to help rectify the lack of physical archaeological evidence about the layout and character of the medieval town and port of Winchelsea (a planned town of Edward I that uniquely retains its original grid layout).

Their principal aim is to geophysically survey all the remaining open areas within and around the town. They have their own resistivity meter and fund-raise to commission GPE surveys. WAS also handles small watching briefs on development sites in Winchelsea, acts as a collection point for small archaeological finds made in the town, and is working to draw together the archaeological and historical records of the town into an accessible online public library.

The Society assists visiting archaeologists, and promotes recognition of the heritage of Winchelsea by conducting guided tours of the town, notably of medieval wine vaulted cellars, and arranging lectures and other events.

Members and non-members are able to get involved by helping with surveys, volunteering for the Blackfriars Barn Project, and undertaking documentary research for the society.

Membership to WAS costs just £5.

Contact Details
Tel:  01797 224446
Email:  [email protected]

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