Chapels Society

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1. exists to foster public interest in and knowledge of the architectural and historical importance of nonconformist (that is, non-Anglican) places of worship, former places of worship and their contents and related structures in the U.K; 2. seeks wherever possible to promote the survival of such buildings, either for their original purposes or sensitively adapted for new uses, by advising trustees, owners, planning and conservation officers of the significance of the buildings and contents under consideration. It liaises with other conservation bodies including the Historic Chapels Trust, but is not able to make grants to promote chapel conservation. 3. organises for members and their guests three visits per year to interesting sites associated with nonconformist (including Roman Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish) worship; 4. publishes twice-yearly a newsletter for members, and also occasional scholarly books, articles and reprints of works relating to such chapels, broadly defined. There is a web site that gives details of current activities and recent publications by and for members. A web-site is being prepared for the Association of Denominational Historical Societies & Cognate Libraries.

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