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The School’s teaching covers all periods from the early Stone Age to Industrial Archaeology as well as Science in Archaeology and Greek and Roman History. Students have the opportunity to participate in training excavations. ULAS, the University of Leicester Archaeological Services, is the School’s fieldwork unit. Fieldwork projects include Neolithic Avebury, and landscape studies in the Libyan Sahara, southern Italy and in Jordan.

What they say:

The School is unique in Britain in offering archaeology courses spanning the entire story of human societies from prehistory to the twentieth century. Students study the past through evidence ranging from pottery, stone tools, seeds and bones to standing buildings, rock art and documents. The School ensures that all archaeology students gain practical experience in field techniques such as surveying and excavation.  Internationally recognised, the School has established strengths in prehistoric, Graeco-Roman, historical and scientific archaeology, as well as in ancient historical analyses of the cultures, economies  and politics of the classical world. It is also possible to spend a year or a semester at associated universities in Europe and Australia.


What we say:

The School of Archaeology and Ancient History has received international recognition for its teaching and research excellence. Facilities are good with many specialist labs such as The Bone Lab, Cermaics Lab and The Drawing Office. There is a strong Museum Studies department in addition to a well-established distance learning programme, with many degree programmes available this way.

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