Southampton University, Dept of Archaeology

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Courses include single honours archaeology, both BA and BSc, and combined honours, combining archaeology with history or geography. Excavations and projects: over 20 projects covering the World , including Purbeck Landscape Project, Dorset; Maritime Project, S. England and Channel Islands and an Isle of Wight survey project.

What they say:

Southampton is one of the leading centres in Europe for the study of archaeology, with world class research and teaching ranging from human origins to the modern world, and with field projects across the globe.   We have an international reputation for the quality of our teaching and research.   Undergraduate Archaeology ranked fifth within  all Russell Group universities for overall student satisfaction in the most recent National Student Survey.

Southampton has been consistently awarded a grade 5 (excellent) in the Government’s Research Assesment Exercise since 1992.   For the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise Archaeology achieved a national ranking of 5th, one of thirteen disciplines in the University of Southampton to gain an overall top-ten place. It was awarded a maximum 24/24 in 2002 for the quality of the student experience by the Quality Assurance Agency.

What we say:

One of the largest archaeology departments in the country, with one of the most comprehensive distance learning programmes. They can include topics
that are offered at few, if any, other British departments including: archaeological
science, animal bones, and underwaterarchaeology.   Ongoing research   projects (including some underwater projects) are in Egypt, the Caribbean, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Sweden, and Britain.

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