Review – Historic England: Dorset

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Andrew Jackson
Amberley Publishing, £14.99
ISBN 978-1398101371
Review AB

Dorset is rich in heritage, with an array of historical sites and towns, as well as unique natural landmarks. This book offers a beautifully illustrated introduction to the county’s history through a selection of pictures from the Historic England Archive.

The sites are divided by theme, ranging from the ancient geology of the Jurassic Coast to historic pubs and hotels, and from prehistoric sites including Neolithic long barrows and Iron Age hillforts to agricultural scenes, quarries, and factories that provide reminders of the county’s industrial past.

The short publication is image-focused, with myriad wonderful blackand- white and colour photographs from across the county forming the bulk of the content. However, many of these pictures are accompanied by brief, helpful pieces of text, providing additional contextual information and offering fascinating glimpses into some of the stories from Dorset’s past that are related to these sites. The result is a highly enjoyable and, given its brevity, surprisingly informative read, which provides a charming insight into Dorset through the years.

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