Review – The Later Saxon and Early Norman Manorial Settlement at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire

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Alistair Marshall
Archaeopress, £29
ISBN 978-1789693652
Review KK

This is a comprehensive report on archaeological investigations that occurred at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire, in the 1990s. It highlights the medieval finds of the excavations, while two other recent Archaeopress publications focus on the prehistoric and Roman discoveries.

Like most excavation reports, the book details the main findings of the investigation, which encompassed the later Saxon enclosure of a manor building-complex that was significantly remodelled following the Norman Conquest and its transferral to Norman ownership. It also details how the remains of the early Norman church discovered on the site were subsequently restored and survive today as a standing monument.

One of the book’s biggest assets, however, is the larger picture it provides on how this site can inform us about the wider development of the region during this period, providing a detailed examination of both the historical – including its entry in the Domesday Book – and archaeological records. While it has been a while since the actual investigations, this publication will contribute greatly to our knowledge of settlement progression from the Saxon period into the Norman one.

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