CA 212

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CA 212

From prehistory to modern times, CA explores controversy, scandal and success in the archaeological world.   We bring you several top notch site reports as well as a case study in conscientious metal-detecting, and News is chock-full of exciting happenings.  Chris Catling chimes in with a Diary of topical issues in a new section entitled ‘Sherds’, and, as ever, Editor-in-Chief Andrew Selkirk offers his pithy two cents in the Last Word, target: demystifying Stonehenge.  


MESSAGE IN THE STONES : healing power of the bluestones at Stonehenge.

IRON-MASTERS OF THE CALEDONIANS : Ross Murray, Headland Archaeology, reports on the biggest industrial complex ever found in Iron Age Scotland.

THE HARROGATE HOARD : said to be the most important Viking find in 150 years.

CONWY RIDGE : 160 year old iron tubular bridge built in 1848 by Robert Stephenson.

VERE GORDON CHILDE, was one of the greatest archaeologists of the 20th century: 50 years on.  





Miles Russell discusses the dangers of archaeo-doublespeak.






The Corrugated Iron Club





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