CA 213

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Anthony Emery gives us a privileged look behind closed doors inside the great houses of medieval England, where we see a still-breathtaking display of medieval wealth and power. The pace never slows, as we move from evidence of a new prehistoric henge through to glimpses of the Romans at table; finally, we meet London’s last Roman and discover hints of secret rituals in the Yorkshire dales.   News keeps us up-to-date, and anything missed out there, you will find in Chris Catling’s Diary.   Editor-in-Chief Andrew Selkirk then looks at how the Society of Antiquaries made history, and asks the question: are farmers destroying archaeology?

 POWER HOUSES : the great houses of Medieval England.

POULTON HENGE : Cheshire’s hidden Bronze Age.

FOOD AND DRINK IN ROMAN BRITAIN : exploring the regional differences in Britain, using pottery and animal bones.

LONDON’S LAST ROMAN? : rescue excavations at St Martin-in-the-Fields church in Trafalgar Square include the discovery of a stone sarcophagus.  

LIME KILNS : a window into a 17th century world that combined modern land improvement with ancient superstition.  



Community Archaeoloy – against the odds.



Re-enactment Societies  

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