CA 239

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Issue 239 opens with a feature from Northumberland. On the surface, it might seem like a routine rescue excavation. However, with more than half of the site still left to excavate, the results thus far already provide a wealth of new information about the Neolithic through to post-Roman Northumberland. Followed by reports on new research in Durham County, an inspiring educational project at Cambridge and a very successful volunteer excavation in the Peak District, this issue of CA is packed with good reading.


Lanton Quarry.

There’s new evidence available in northern Northumberland as a rescue dig reveals multi-period results and a rare low-status Anglo-Saxon settlement.

County Durham

Forts, villas and service-stations: life on the Roman frontier. Was the Roman frontier as uncivilised and bleak as previously thought? Maybe not.

Test Pits and Teaching

Carenza Lewis and the higher education field academy. An innovative archaeology project proves that archaeology helps students aim higher.

High Rake Lead Mine

Investigating the archaeology of an abandoned mine. Excavations reveal the unusual story of the mine and the people who worked there.



Loot; Hunting in Britain; Defining Moments: Dramatic Archaeologies of the 20th Century; The Rose and the Globe: Playhouses of Shakespeare’s Bankside, Southwark.


Lisa Westcott visits the institute of Archaeology at UCL for another instalment of the Personal-Histories Project.


Chris Catling’s irreverent take on heritage issues.

Last Words

Andrew Selkirk discusses museum ownership, further education funding, and an unexpected legacy.

Odd Socs

Society for Clay Pipe Research.

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