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This month CA follows the pilgrimage along Hadrian’s Wall to bring you a special issue dedicated to one of Roman Britain’s most iconic monuments. We follow their progress from Bowness in the west to Wallsend in the east taking in the sites and exploring the remains of Birdoswald, Vindolanda and Housesteads to name but a few.  Of course we still bring you our usual selection of regulars including all the latest from the news from the archaeological world.


Introduction to the Pilgrimage

David Breeze, Hadrian’s Wall Chief Pilgrim, reveals how the pilgrimage really works.

Day One: Walking theWall-Backwards

We travel the Cumbrian coast from Bowness-on-Solway to Moresby, and have a look at tourist souvenirs

Day Two: Walking in the Rain

Travelling on foot from Poltross Burn to Birdoswald, we take a look at how the National Trail is opening up the Wall.

Day Three: The Frontier Before the Wall

From Corbridge to Vindolanda, we explore the Stanegate forts and the bridge over the river Tyne.

Day Four: The Central Sector

Cawfields quarry and the problems of the Vallum, and then on to Housesteads. Were there women in the fort at Housesteads?

Day Five: The Eastern Sector

From Brunton to Tower Tye, and a closer look at Chesters. What happened at Limestone Corner?

Day Six: The Wall’s End

Travelling to Newcastle, Byker and Wallsend, we visit the main eastern forts and reflect on changes in archaeology on the Wall.

How was Hadrian’s Wall Laid Out?



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