Birkbeck College, Department of History

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Teaches undergraduate courses in archaeology and history from Classical Greece to Medieval Europe. Several practical training projects and excavations in Britain, Romania and Italy.

What they say:

The School of History, Classics and Archaeology currently has 33 full-time academic staff, four full-time administrative staff, as well as a changing roster of Visiting Fellows and Research Associates. It also employs several part-time teachers and tutorial assistants.

This degree will provide students with knowledge of the past gained through archaeological evidence. It will equip you with the essential analytical techniques of archaeology and develop your understanding of the relationship between theory and practice in the interpretation of material remains. You will study archaeology from a broad chronological and geographical perspective, but with a particular focus on the Mediterranean and Europe from the Classical to Medieval periods and using the resources of London’s museums and active archaeology. Students will gain a familiarity with the range of archaeological evidence, methods, and approaches. You will gain practical experience in the field, as well as in articulating ideas and arguments and presenting conclusions. There is no fixed route into this degree, but applicants are expected to come to the programme a genuine interest in the material culture of the past.

You will be taught by leading experts. Practical archaeological experience is a key element of the degree, and you will participate in field trips, museum visits, and a study weekend. Birkbeck also has an active student Archaeology Society.

What we say:

specialising in evening and part-time students, 90% of Birckbeck’s students are aged 25 or over and 14%enter with no formal qualifications. Birkbeck has a wide-ranging programme and benefits from academic expertise. As well as a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree Birkbeck offers   a variety of short courses.

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