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York   has long been renowned for its expertise in the archaeology of the last 2000 years. Now it is extending its range back to the Palaeolithic and will be including far more prehistory in its undergraduate syllabus than previously. An Archaeology Data Service and electronic journal Internet Archaeology are based at the department as is the journal Antiquity. Field Archaeology Specialists, an independent unit staffed largely by alumni of the dept, operates in association with the University. Castell Henllys training excavation ongoing.

What they say:
Most of our students follow a single-subject course – either BA or BSc in Archaeology or a BA in Historical Archaeology. These three courses follow essentially the same programme of study, but differ in the options that are taken at different stages from the beginning of the Second Year onwards. There is flexibility: BA students can take some BSc options, and vice versa.

We use a range of lectures, seminars and individual tutorials in our teaching. The first year courses tend to be an equal mixture of all three, together with group work on computer-based and fieldwork projects in the methods sessions. However, with the core courses you will start to spend more time on seminars and group practical sessions. This process is then taken to its logical conclusion with the special options in the second half of your degree. A distinctive feature of our courses is the use of small group seminars, and there is practical work, too, often linked with the Department’s research projects, giving you more career-relevant experience. We encourage you to work hard, but to enjoy it, and to develop your interests and your personality.

What we say:

With a strong practical and professional bias, York is one of the few universities to specialise and they have moved in with the Institutes of Medieval Studies. Situated away from the main campus in the historic centre of York, housed in one of the oldest buildings in the city. Winner of the 2010 ‘University of the Year’ award. With a vast range of Postgraduate courses and a good selection of Undergraduate courses, York has a broad knowledge base and plenty of varied expertise amongst staff.

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