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Undergraduate programmes include: Foundation Degree in Field Archaeology, BSc Archaeology, BSc Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, BA Archaeology and Prehistory, BA Roman Archaeology, BSc Field Archaeology, BSc Heritage Conservation, BSc Heritage Conservation & Tourism and BSc Marine Archaeology. A wide range of MSc programmes available. Projects include: Billown Neolithic Landscape project, Isle of Man; Allen Valley project, Dorset; Neolithic Sussex project, Bronze Age Greece. There are opportunities on all these for non-students. Archaeology is a strong feature of the university’s “Opportunities for life-long learning” programme.

What they say:

We are concerned with all aspects of the Historic Environment as evidence of past human activity and its associated consequences that people can find, see, hear, understand, feel, debate, and contest in the present world. Archaeology provides a systematic study of human cultures through material remains asking who did what? When? Where? How? And Why? Physical and biological Anthropology both informs archaeological studies and assists in crime-scene investigations, the preparation of evidence for use by courts of law, and the application of technical and scientific knowledge to legal problems. Heritage, both cultural and natural, tangible and intangible, focuses on the things inherited from the past that we choose to investigate, document, manage, interpret, use, and represent in various ways.

What we say:

Housed in the school of applied sciences and   close to some of Britain’s most iconic archaeological and historic sites such as: Boxgrove,Avebury, Stonehenge, MaidenCastle, Corfe Castle and Fishbourne Roman Palace.
Students may work on sites in the UK and abroad — recentlythese included excavations inthe USA, Greece and Russia.
Offering a scientific approach to archaeology the degrees offered are primarily Bsc.   The school also offers many short courses aimed at archaelogists and other professionals.

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