Birmingham University, Inst. for Archaeology & Antiquity

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Teaches Archaeology, Ancient History, Classics, Ancient Near East studies, Assyriology, Egyptology, Forensic and Environmental Archaeology. Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek studies. Training excavations in Britain and abroad.

What they say:

Our Archaeology and Ancient History degree programme integrates archaeological and ancient historical approaches to ancient civilisations such as those of Ancient Egypt and Rome. By interpreting historical and archaeological evidence together, we can build a rounded picture of the life and culture of these ancient societies.

The Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity is a lively environment where students find friendly encouragement to follow their own particular interests in the past, and where they can gain the necessary skills to equip them for a variety of careers in the future. Our distinctive emphasis on using literature, history and archaeology in the study of the ancient world, and the range of expertise available, ensures a wide choice of times, countries and cultures may be studied.

What we say:

A broad-ranging department with degress in both archaeology and other related fields such as ancient histroy and classics, in addition to being one of the few departments to teach Ancient Near Eastern Languges and Cuneiform.   It is also home to the Ironbridge Institute which focues on the study of Heritage Management and the Histroic Environment.

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